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Name:Dial: OOC
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Community description:A panfandom RPG centered on an element from the Doctor Who Universe

"A Confession Dial is a ritual act of purification. It allows a dying Time Lord to face his demons and make his peace, before his mind is uploaded to the Matrix. It was never intended as a torture chamber for the living." - Twelfth Doctor in "Hell Bent"

The Time Lords, now being banished at the very edge of the known Universe, are seeking a way to return Gallifrey to its proper place, Galactic Coordinates: 10-0-11-00:02. As such, they have again tried to trap the Doctor into his Confession Dial. But something has gone awry and now the Dial is dragging anyone and everyone into itself.

The Confession Dial is a pan-fandom sandbox-styled Role Playing Game where characters have to face their greatest fears made anthropomorphic while trying to escape from the power of the Dial.

Any kind of character can play!

All muns must be 18+ and all characters must be 16+.
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